This is the top-level page for our GTE Big Ride Across America Ride Report!!

This is a 6 and a half week trip from Seattle to Washington D.C., in support of the American Lung Association. Each day we packed up our camp, rode for some number of miles (averaging about 81/day), passed 3 pit stops (getting lunch at pit 2 on 8 days where there are *no* services available), then rode into camp. At that point we unloaded our gear, ate, showered, and sometimes had time to dry everything before we went to bed!

We updated these pages every rest day we could, so no more than 5 days would go by without new information. We bought a Toshiba PDR-2 digital camera -- basically a box camera, fixed focus, no flash, but with normal camera batteries (and a long life span) and a fold-out PCMCIA card. It's been working really nicely so far. All links are either to the daily pages or to pictures we took over the course of the ride.

Read and Enjoy! Links to other riders' pages are at the bottom of this page.

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