Wednesday July 29: Rest Day in Confluence

When there's nothing to do...

Actually, Confluence wasn't as lacking in things to do as they made it seem -- there was a restaurant/bar that "wanted to make everything better", courtesy of Team PA -- first beer was on them. That was Alice's, the only restaurant in town supposedly, and there really was a laundromat there (none in the phone book) but we didn't use it. There was a shuttle to a year-round ski-type resort 45 minutes away (Seven Springs) every hour, though, and we did go there and play minigolf and air hockey until Jen's right shoulder was on fire and falling off her torso (not literally, but it felt like it!!). Unfortunately we'd had a misunderstanding about when/where we were doing our laundry, so we did it at camp before we left for the resort in the afternoon, and we were hoping it would have time to get mostly dry.

Well, it didn't -- in fact it got rained on. Oh well. We got back from the resort just after the rain had stopped, so we left the laundry out all night (figuring the worst that could happen is that it gets wet again, and it never did dry anyway). That night, we had a live band (local) come by and play lots of good music (covers of classic and modern rock, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Eric Clapton and Steppenwolf), and lots of people got up and danced and everyone had a good time. After all, it was the end of our last rest day before the ride-in to Washington D.C.! I took lots of general camp pictures (to be put on a Camp Life page at some point), and we went to bed early, because they had actually put out the last three days' route maps on display and they looked hard! Well, the first two did. The Team Public Storage note on the Big Board was up for a few minutes -- then they took down the board, so I figured I'd have to move the picture from the next night to the night before DC. Not enough people had had a chance to see it. Hmmmph. *grin*

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