Sunday July 26: Chagrin Falls to Canfield

56.2 miles. A nice day, but my allergies were hindering my enjoyment.

Now that we're out of crop country, my allergies have taken advantage of me missing a few doses of my allergy medication and have attacked. waaah. But it was a nice day. People didn't want to leave camp! We left just before 8am, but people's tents were still up and they were in no hurry. The pancakes slowing down the breakfast line didn't help either. *grin*.

We entered the Appalachian "Toehills", as my grandfather called them, so we had a bit of climbing and rolling hills to deal with. The road was very nice, though, and I did take more pictures -- I needed to get back into tourist mode, instead of the "just get to camp" mode I'd been in the last few days (with the tailwind and all that flat land and crops). I found a cool welcome sign. We moseyed along, staying long enough at Pit 1 to see Aaron (sp?) with his spare tube come riding up. We rode on, going by the LTV Coke Plant & Warren Consolidated Ind. (a large steel mill and processing plant with gouts of flame burning on a tall post and lots of steam in the air from the cooling towers).

Because it was such a short day we only had 2 pit stops -- the second one in Warren. We got to ride on the old brick streets that my grandpa was telling us about (as we were driving on one on the way to dinner in Chagrin Falls), and it actually gave a pretty good ride. It was a lot smoother than cobblestones *grin*!! No morter visible, just close-packed bricks. Way cool.

That day was Lynn's birthday, so of course Tom and the rest of Team Toto (plus honorary members) got to give her a mostly-surprise party at dinner that night. After setting up, Laura and Pat (I think that's her name) went and got Lynn, and guided her to the food tent. We then got to sing Happy Birthday to her, and Tom emceed a quiz show about Lynn in which guests got presents too in the case of a correct answer. We got the one for her Dad's name; they'd forgotten we'd learned it in New Ulm! It was a great party!

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