Wednesday July 15: Winona to Viroqua, WI

70.4 miles is short on paper only, sometimes.

On leaving camp, it was obvious that we were definitely not in the prairie anymore. We followed the Mississippi south for almost 30 miles before crossing into La Crosse, Wisconsin. The line for the state sign picture was humonginoid, so I took a picture of Team Toto, which was already lined up! Handy, that. Pit 2 was at the La Crosse Riverside Park, a wonderful park along the river, as could be expected by the name. We loved it -- but this was our lunch stop, and it was only 10am, thanks once again to a northern tailwind. So, we ate at Fayze's, which serves such a wonderful breakfast that we didn't mind having 2 breakfasts in one day! Their cinnamon rolls were amazing, and huge!

We headed out of La Crosse, passing the brewery district, which hosts several tours and the World's Largest 6-Pack, at the Heilman Brewery. We then continued south along the Mississippi for about 5 more miles, passing the fish and game preserve which extends down the Mississippi from Washaba, MN, to someplace in Illinois, which was formed in 1924. After that, we turned east and climbed to Chaseburg, then climbed even higher (500 feet in 1.5 miles) to an area which hosted many Amish farms, one of which was the Miller farm and bakery -- so our Pit 4 was there, eating homemade doughnuts, cookies, and juice. It was fantastic. Levi Miller and his 2 daughters and 2 sons were all serving the food, while his wife kept making more stuff! They hadn't known we were coming (they don't get the newspaper); if they had, as Mr. Miller said, they'd have baked more!

That climb was followed by more and more rolling hills, then we had another steep descent to the Bad Axe Watershed, then back up up up up to the rolling hills area, finally finishing in Viroqua. It's amazing how long those hills took us, even considering that we stopped a few times along the way. The pavement was bad all along SR 162 (where we turned east) through Chaseburg, until County Road B, pretty much.

Well, we have a century tomorrow, and Ro is flying out of Madison tomorrow (not riding) so he can sign some papers for work, then he'll return thursday evening (with the laptop!). It's getting late, a gorgeous sunset is finishing, and it's time to figure out what Ro's taking back with him...

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