Thursday July 9: Miller to DeSmet

77 miles, but we sagged after 16

Ro's Phrase Of The Day:

Neither of us were feeling well this day -- we rode through more prairie to Pit 1 (passing what looked like the Little Blue Old Church on the Prairie. After that, we sagged, because neither one of us were feeling very well.

We arrived in DeSmet, the official Little Town on the Prairie (Laura Ingalls Wilder is big around here -- Hwy 14 is the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway). After me taking more advil (and it actually kicked in this time), and resting for a couple of hours, we felt well enough to mosey down for food (at the Oxbow) and a bit of a tour. We went to the gift shop, where I bought the whole series of books *grin*, the Surveyor's House (but didn't go in; you need to be on an official tour for that), and by the old Ingalls house (the last house of Pa and Ma Ingalls) -- we don't know where that picture got do. We do have one picture of the overall look of the streets in DeSmet. It's a nice, *small*, town. The park we were camping at had a statue of St. Jean Pierre DeSmet as well. We then just rested until dinner, because Ro was not feeling well again.

In the tradition of Miller, *lots* of local townsfolk came by camp to say hi and to generally see what was going on -- either driving by or coming down and talking to us. After dinner, when we were feeling more energetic, we were cleaning the grossness off our bikes and had several families (and one reporter from the Plainsman) come talk to us. It was great; it's really nice to see local interest in what we're doing!

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