Thursday July 23: Napoleon to Sandusky, OH

83.3 miles, flat flat flat and another tailwind! whoo-hoo!

Okay, so I didn't take many pictures on this day. We were (shhhh!) drafting a bit this day, so we didn't stop much. We got around 3pm, after over 80 miles! The tailwind was fantastic, and we were booking.

I do have pictures of our lunch spot, Whitey's Cafe, recommended by the police officer at Pit 2 in Fremont, but definitely a diner/greasepit with lots of smokers in residence. *sigh*. Good food, if heavy, though. Pit 3 was really and truly a "no services" site -- the Erlin Chemical Waste Management Inc. site. Hmmmm. I wonder where that Gatorade came from!!

Finally, another wonderful lemonade stand, run by the nephew of one of the riders. We got into camp at the Erie County Fairgrounds, got our gear, and got the shuttle to our hotel. I had called Roger, my bro, to sync up with him, at lunch, and he called me back and we set a time to meet at the hotel for a trip to Cedar Point on Friday with him and Nikki, his wife. We did laundry and washed the tent and rain fly, and collapsed!

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