Friday June 12th: Choo Choo!

Okay, so we spent most of Friday on the train...finally getting a chance to realize that we're really on our way. The sleeper car, while not huge, was big enough, and I didn't fall down from the top bunk during the night!! Actually, the top bunk had a little catch-net thing to hook up for just that eventuality. Good Thinking!

We did bring along one other member of the family on this trip: Aloysius, one of my bears. He wanted to come on this trip: he just refused to be packed! So, he's out with us, exploring the countryside. How we'll attach him to a bike is yet to be determined.

Just as we were pulling up towards Seattle proper, we got a really close look at some Navy-type ships, pulled up next to some really beat up docks. However, it soon was time to gather our things, get off the train, and call Samson Million, our host for the next couple of days, to pick us up. He had a 2-door car, so we decided to leave the bikes at the train station until we could deliver them right to the Day 0 bike parking area. Luckily, the Amtrak people had no problem with that; all we had to do is not pick them up out of baggage! Nice and easy.

Samson is great -- I'm not really trying to x-ray him with my eyes here.

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