Wednesday July 22: Kendallville to Napoleon, OH

69.1 miles, a tailwind after the morning rain stopped

Technically speaking, this is two separate days in one.

The first was our getting up late, packing late, just getting our stuff into the gear trucks (wet, of course), and not having time to eat. We made a very very wet ride through the increasingly heavy rain into town, looking for food, Ro leading a very wet, very unfed, and very unhappy Jen back towards the Food for Thought Cafe and Bookstore which we'd passed the day before on the way into camp. That was a good place. There were several riders hanging out there -- some who had stayed there all night, courtesy of the owners who let them stay when the rain started while they were eating there the night before! We were relaxing, Dave here was getting a backrub, and drinking mochas and eating bagels and later, quiche. I even got a bit of a nap. The rain stopped around 10am, so we did leave then -- with only 70 miles to go we didn't figure we'd get in too late.

We actually got in really early. The day warmed up only into the 80s or so, and the tailwind combined with my renewed energy to where I really pushed hard that day. We made it to Pit 1 by 11:20am (21.8 miles from camp), and Pit 2 by 12:30am. This was a day of churches for pit stops, and Pit 2 had some really nice bells. We then crossed the Ohio State Line, which obviously didn't have much of a sign, but then we were on a really small county road. But it had corn!

We then zoomed the 11 miles to Pit 3 (35 minutes), in Evansport, at a park just across from another cool-looking church. The final 19 miles to camp also zoomed by, because all but about 3 separate 1 mile segments had an almost full tailwind. We were going about 22, 23 miles per hour! That's amazing for me, but I was in my highest gear and still keeping a good cadence. wow. We pulled into camp around 4pm -- really good for not leaving until 10am! It rained lightly for most of the night, with scattered heavy rain and thunder, but I was out like a light and didn't really notice. Ro did, though, so he didn't sleep as well. Only one more day until a rest day, though!

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