Saturday July 25: Sandusky to Chagrin Falls

75.7 miles, through Cleveland, no tailwind but still flat until the end. One more flat for Ro!

This was a really nice day -- we took Hwy 6 from Sandusky into Cleveland, so we edged along Lake Erie for most of the day. The houses are amazing and huge there -- but there were no lemonade stands. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, though. I do like the lemonade stands better.

Ro got a slow leak today -- after just re-inflating the tire the first time it still leaked, so he changed the tube to a non-self-sealing spare. The self-sealing had done pretty well, though. Lunch was at a restaurant just after Pit 2, a place called Dianna's that wasn't particularly interesting from the outside but which had fantastic food (huge sandwiches) at really low prices. Happiness!

I noticed something else about Ohio -- it's the only state I've seen with even a noticeable number of sports-oriented lawn furniture -- yet here, in places every other house has Cleveland Indians lawn furniture. *grin* The fancy houses didn't, but the homes did. Also, today was the Pit 3 Ms Ride Day, which included the contestents Miss Demeanor and the Queen of Pits.

I didn't take any pictures of downtown Cleveland -- there was lots of traffic, and I'd been there just this last December around Christmastime. Our route took the Veteran's bridge over the Cuyahoga River, went right by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which we'd seen in December, but which lots of bikers stopped at), took the bike trail by an airfield right next to the water, and then entered Rockefeller Park. The park was great -- the road wasn't great but there was a bike path along most of our path through it. The coolest bridge was a stone voissior-type arch -- one large arch for the cars, and two smaller arches on either side for the bikes. Also there were various "cultural gardens", which had small areas decorated/planted in one traditional style or another.

We climbed up to University Circle, past the Cleveland Art Museum (which gave riders free admission and watched their bikes!!), then up through Cleveland Heights on Coventry, then through Fairmount and Brainard until we reached the Polo Fields at Chagrin Falls. We quickly got the tent set up, and I went in search of my grandparents, who were supposed to be meeting us at Camp Services at 5pm. I didn't see them, so I was asking the nice crew lady about how they'd find us, when all of a sudden I turn around and there is Grandpa! Grandma and Betty (my stepmom) were over near the food tent, so I got them situated there while Ro and I quickly showered, then we all went out to dinner at a restaurant about 5 miles away which actually overlooks the falls. It was a gorgeous view - the food was really good, although it was one of those large single rooms with lots of wood which doesn't dampen the sound at all, so it was noisy. It was awesome to see them again! They then dropped us back of at camp, and we immediately crashed -- we were still tired from the lack of sleep the night before.

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