Saturday July 18: Madison WI to Belvidere, IL

80.8 miles of hell. Uggh.

I was wrong earlier. The roads weren't better on the other side of Madison. They were much, much worse. Not as bad as the stretch between Clearmont and Leiter, MT, but much worse than the tar strip bumps on the second part of that 113 mile day. The only thing better about this day was that it was only 81 miles. Hmmmph.

Roads aside, I did get some pictures -- one for a friend of mine, DJ, who really likes steaks and hates fish, we found his restaurant business in Oregon, WI. We then went through Brooklyn (what is it about this area?), and onto the county roads. I did take a picture along the 4 miles of good road that we had that day. Just to remember that it wasn't *all* bad. Hmmmph.

Lunch was just after Pit 2 in Orfordville, at Tebo's Bar and Grill, which actually had really good food and a better-than-average selection in the juke box, which ranged from a 4-song album featuring "Go Packers" to a Jimmy Buffet's Greatest Hits. *bounce*. Unsurprisingly, Lynn and Tom were there (what is it about us finding them at lunch? Good taste, maybe. *grin*), as usual.

About 20 miles after lunch we crossed the border into Illinois, where we got a picture of (l to r) Tia, Seth, and Jane, because we have been realizing that there are other people we want to make sure we photograph, other than ourselves! *smile*. Pit 3 was in Roscoe, IL, and somewhere between the border and camp I took a This is rural Illinois picture. Corn and soybeans, as far as we've been able to tell. Not a surprise *smile*. Camp was finally reached, after I had induced many pains into my hands, neck, and right leg. Ro was in better shape, but not by much.

Camp was really nice, however -- Spencer Park is very pretty. However, we got introduced to the midwest's summer thunderstorms that very night! Lots of thunder and lightning, but we survived. However, as it turns out our tent had gotten dirty enough that the rain fly is now leaking a bit, so we kept getting sprayed on all night -- and the wind blowing the rain fly against the tent didn't help. Oh well. Short day tomorrow.

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