Friday July 24: Rest Day in Sandusky, OH

Cedar Point is even cooler than I remember!!!

Sandusky itself, on the other hand, is totally bogus -- basically no public transportation system and the taxis (both of them) are totally unreliable. There are 2 shuttle systems, one which might be associated with a hotel branch and doesn't want competition yet is unable to provide full shuttle service, and a pilot program which was ending that Sunday to be put up to a vote for continuation. That one is STS, and they were way cool when dealing with a sudden influx of tourists *without cars*. I was told by our hotel front desk people that the hotels used to have shuttles, but no one was using them so they stopped. Hmmph. They were probably all independent shuttles which is of course more expensive. Hmmmph. If NASA the Russian Space Agency can work together on a space station, you'd think that hotels could co-operate to save money. Hmmmph. Okay, enough of that diatribe. *grin* After all, STS was willing to change it's Saturday schedule to get us all back to camp starting at 5:15am, when they normally start at 8am. That was nice.

Roger and Nikki showed up around 9:30am, and we went to breakfast at the hotel and set out to do errands and then go to Cedar Point. The first stop was really weird. We were trying to find rainfly sealant, so I'd found a place called Duck Duck Moose in the yellow pages under "camping". We get there, and it's open, the lights are off, and there's a dog watching the shop. A very friendly dog, I must say. He let us in so we looked around but they didn't seem to have what we wanted -- more of a shop to get you out there than to fix you up once you've been out for a while. So, we left, without ever seeing another human. odd. We then went to camp to pick up the Cedar Point discount coupons, and were planning on taking the shuttle that STS had set up, but it was cheaper with 4 people to drive and pay the parking. We got there before noon, and headed to the entrance -- this is my brother getting stuff out of the trunk of his car, named the Blue Streak, coincidentally the name of one of the coasters here. *grin*

The coasters get a huge thumbs-up from me -- the smoothest, best-designed rides I've been on yet. The hanging/feet-free ride (Raptor) is really long and really exciting, the Power Tower is awesome (we went on the side that shoots you up, as opposed to dragging you down -- after the initial burst, you bungee to a stop), the Magnum 200XL is wild (it's the first roller coaster to break 200 feet on a hill, at 205 feet it takes a *long time* to get up to the top), and Mantis is an excellent standing coaster -- designed to not throw you into the top of the harness, which would be annoying and disorienting. We also went on a few other rides, and Ro won me a giant stuffed prize, Buzzz Aldrin. Unfortunately he had a couple of leaks under his arms but Nikki said she'd sew him back up. He is now staying with Nikki and Roger until they see one of the relatives who'll be coming out to the wedding in September, and they'll take him to CA on Amtrak with them. whoo-hoo!

On the tamer side, we took the Jungle River Cruise with Captain Joe making really bad puns the whole time, and visited the petting zoo (I'm not sure if this is the same petting zoo where the goat tried to eat my dress and I cried because I was sure it was going to eat me too -- I was much younger then *grin*), stuck our heads in the stocks (fuzzy but you get the idea), and were overall wowed by the rides. Way cool.

We left around 7pm, leaving Roger and Nikki there, and found our shuttle (eventually) back to the hotel, where we hurried to catch up on the www pages and clean Ro's derailleur and both our chains (which we'd taken to the hotel with us from the bikes) and clean the tent a bit. We were up rather late, and had to get up early for the shuttle the next day, but by and large it was a great day. Only problem was, my feet have gotten so used to the bike shoes that now my way-comfortable hiking boots were hurting my feet! waaah!

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