Tuesday June 16th: Drier! Happier!

Mileage: 87.4, Easton to Yakima

Well, we stuffed all the still-wet stuff back into our bags and rolled on. It wasn't so bad: it wasn't raining! The other side of the Cascades is actually in a rain shadow, so we were now expecting highs in the mid 70's by Yakima, our next camp. Many of us thought that this was what riding was all about -- clear, warm weather, a tailwind at your back, and great countryside:

Lunch was just before Ellensburg, at the Blue Grouse off of I-90. Which, for that matter, was another bonus about this day -- we were mostly on smaller roads, paralleling I-90. Much quieter than the freeway! We then went into Ellensburg, checked in at the Pit 2 at their Kiwanis Park, then continued on to a local bike shop to pick up some chain lube -- boy did I need it!

We were to follow the Yakima River into Yakima Canyon, and as the signs say, everywhere else is a turn. We went straight on to the canyon -- an absolutely gorgeous location with a really annoying headwind. Pedaling on downhills is just not something you're supposed to have to do! It's a long canyon -- 24 winding miles -- and Pit 3 was about 7 miles from the end, at Roza Recreation Site. Take a look:

We exited the canyon into Selah, pedaled through the town (we passed the Dairy Queen as many others didn't, but then again, I'm lactose intolerant and just wanted to get to camp), then over one last steep climb into Yakima, through most of Yakima, and to the far side where our campsite was -- an amazingly wonderful place with really soft grass called the Yakima County Youth Activities Park. Mmmmmmmm. We took off our shoes as soon as we could, set up our gear, ate, showered, and...hey... I know I was tired..but...yawn....mmmmm....

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