Tuesday June 30: Billings to Hardin

Short Day! Only 50.8 miles, but then again, Hardin is the only place between Billings and Sheridan, WY., big enough to stay at...

Ro's Phrase Of The Day:
Merry Mixer Chocolate Milkshake, MMMMMMMM!!!

Getting to Hardin was half great and half awful -- not in the sense of a snowstorm or anything, but the terrain went from hilly and rocky to flat flat flat flat and of course, the afternoon sun was complemented by the headwind. *sigh*.

We got into Big Horn County, and the terrain went from rolling hills to (I hate to say it, but..) *really boring* to bikers . Luckily that stretch was only about 25 miles, and we got into Hardin just after noon. I promptly ate some mini-hydrox, and Ro ate his muffin, while we got the tent up and the bags inside, and inquired about food at Camp Services. We then headed into town and never got to our intended destination (Little Big Man Pizza, because I liked the movie) because when we passed the Merry Mixer, there were enough bikes outside to warrant further investigation. Not to mention we saw Lynn and Tom *again* (we'd been at the Acton Bar and Steakhouse with them, and a sort of stalking accusation was levied against us) outside. They had ridden directly there, so we sat together, ordered 4 specials (swiss steak, yummy!), a chocolate milkshake for Ro (as chocolatey as they could make it, per Ro's pleading request), and then later -- Pie!

Actually, the pie is a funny story -- when asked what kind of pie there was, our waitress (Jackie!) said "apple and cherry". Ro and I were still deciding, so she got Lynn and Tom their two slices of cherry. Then, upon returning we ordered one apple and one cherry. She asked Ro, what if they don't have apple? We have blueberry pie too! Ro says well then, apple if you have it and cherry if you don't. Jackie leaves, and Lynn gives me this look and says "well if I'd known they had blueberry, that's what I would have gotten!" Jackie comes back and says "you know, I gave them the last two slices of cherry pie! But, we have apple, blueberry, and peach" Peach? Where did that come from?? Anyway, we order one apple, and one blueberry, and I trade the blueberry with Lynn for her cherry, and everyone is happy.

When we returned back to camp, Ro and I both degreased our chains (him doing a more thorough job than I, impatient as I sometimes am), and Ro swapped his front tire (green kevlar belted vittoria) to the back, put on the 23C spare front that I'd had (orange, also kevlar/vittoria, but untested), and tossed out the old cut back tire (green foldable kevlar vittoria). Enough done for the day, we vegged out, drank lemonade, ate and went to sleep -- for the first time not having to zip up the inner lining because it was warm enough all night to do without.

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