Sunday July 12: Rest Day in New Ulm

From a T-Shirt: "Living in New Ulm means never having to say you're German"

This was a really nice rest day. Having visited the Heritagefest the night before, all we really wanted to get done was to buy another duffel bag to replace the grey one (it was starting to rip), and to pick up our stuff from Lynn and Tom's hotel (the tires and chains from Nashbar). So, we woke up late, wandered into town to find food -- and discovered that, being a Sunday, most everything was closed. However, the Ulmer Cafe was open, and we got a really yummy lunch there while I updated the web pages for the previous few days. We then behaved like normal people and saw a movie! Armageddon -- and the best line in it (well, one of them) was when they were talking about Bear, something like "he's the [meanest, baddest, ...] guy in Kadoka, South Dakota!" Needless to say, the heavily biker-populated audience loved that, and applauded immediately. *bounce*. We've even been there! We recognized that road!! *grin*

After that we took the HeritageFest town shuttle (driven by it's owner, Mike, who knows lots about the town) to Kmart to get the duffel, then to the Holiday Inn to get our stuff from Lynn and Tom, with whom we ended up getting dinner, and then back to camp for an early bedtime (we didn't want to ruin our good record of over 8 hours of sleep from the previous night!).

That's it. Basically, we relaxed. whoo-hoo!

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