Friday July 17: Rest Day in Madison

Maxwell Days in Madison, which means a Street Fair!

This actually was a real rest day for me -- I was lazy and didn't bother doing laundry, since we'd done pretty well at washing and drying our clothes as-we-went the last few days. So, first I went on a walking tour (non-guided) of Madison's University area.

Madison has some of the most diverse architecture I've ever seen -- lots of old and new, some new in old styles, and some really odd buildings. I'm really not sure what this building will be used for when it's finished. Some of the buildings are easily identifible with a campus setting, and there are lots and lots of beautiful churches. The "Science Hall" is a huge, very imposing building once you're right next to it. And, there's a wonderful river walk and eating patio just off the very large lake that's right next to the city (something like Monamo? Manomo?).

I then went to the Maxwell Days Street Fair on State Street, which is the central downtown/nightlife street. It was really nice -- I browsed, drank mochas, talked with people as I met or saw them, read a lot, and actually rested! I then returned to the dorms to take down the tent (which I actually had set up to air/dry that morning) and get to my massage appointment (which I'd seen the sign-up sheet for earlier as well). Ro was supposed to arrive at 6:30pm, and call me, but I guess between me paging him and him calling and me being elsewhere we didn't hook up until he actually arrived on-campus at 8:30pm. He was late because he'd missed his flight out of LA by about 10 minutes that morning, but luckily Chicago is an American Airlines hub, and there was another flight in 40 minutes -- and the Chicago/Madison hop is very common as well. I was actually stressing to Jim and Bob about his not being there yet when they see him coming -- from behind me! Happy Jen!

He was pretty tired, but happy to be back. We walked back out to State Street for dinner (Gyros! Really! We are slowly being re-aclimated to civilization and diverse food types), then came back to the dorms (Ogg Hall) and slept.

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