Sunday June 14th: Day 0! It's here!

I have one thing to say about Day 0. LINES!! Well, one line in particular, the pledge line. This line is for those who didn't have the minimun $6000 pledges sent into the pledge office in advance and needed to turn in and total up hand-carried pledges. We were in this line. We were in this line for over 2 hours, in fact. However, you had to finish this line before you could go to registration, safety, or several other stations that didn't have lines. Oh well -- so we got to the pledge table, did our stuff, and then breezed through registration and a 45 minute orientation and safety video. By this time I was so far past hunger that I was just operating on auto-pilot (that is to say, Ro was guiding me around). Luckily, Seattle Center has a huge court with lots of food places -- including one selling Beignets! I hadn't seen those since New Orleans, in 1994.

The afternoon and evening, of course, was dedicated to watching the Bulls beat Utah in Game 5 of the NBA finals.

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