Random Pictures I Finally Scanned In

Residents of the Navarro Nuthouse This is (left to right, top to bottom), Gayathri (roommate), Jezebel E. Pepper, Roland (fiancee), and myself, taken from the parking area at KJ's apartment complex in Berkeley. Ro and I had driven up, and Gayathri had taken Jezebel up the coast. It was a great weekend, mostly Ro and I got to do the Tactile dome w/ KJ and friends, but Gayathri missed it because her friend's car got totalled earlier that day, and we found out about it later. We then spent the rest of the night in the Alta Bates Emergency room, waiting for what turned out to take about a 10 minute stitching-up. But it was, as usual, absolutely gorgeous up there. As you can see, this is before the accident: no bandage on G's head.

Adam and Alicia's Wedding

This is our picture with the bride and groom, Adam and Alicia. The wedding was in Flagstaff, AZ, with a medieval theme. After all, what's a wedding without a tournament?

Maybe you understand why I'm marrying this man. Maybe you don't.

Gindi and Lloyd's Wedding

They're so sweet....

Gindi and Adrian are nutso...don't you agree?

*wolf whistle*

Oh My God, what have I done?

Some of the LA folk who went to Gindi's Wedding