Ro and Jen's Wedding

We were married September 18th, 1998, at the Kohl Mansion in Burlingame, CA. While I may be biased, I really do think it was a wonderful wedding. The location was great, the florist was amazing (Masa's Flowers, in Burlingame), the caterer was extremely talented (Cheese Please, in Burlingame), the hair stylists were wonderful (Shear Magic, in Burlingame)...and to top it all off, everyone we needed to hire was on a 5-block by 1/2 block stretch of Burlingame Avenue. Talk about easy to organize.

The day was beautiful, but the wind was a lot stronger than we were expecting. No problem -- we just moved the service from outdoors to indoors. The Kohl Mansion can host parties up to 400 people easily, but our little 100+ person wedding didn't feel like we were bouncing around inside a cave. The layout of the place is extremely flexible.

Cast of Characters:

Bride: Jennifer Caetta
Groom: Roland Bevan
Best Woman: Tina Ota
Maid of Honor: Cynthia (Cindy) Snyder
Groomsman: Christopher Bevan
Bridesmaid: Cassandra Bates
Ringbearer: Alouysius Da Bear
Photographer: Dwayne Chong

As you might expect, everyone took pictures, and we have some of them here:

Pictures taken with my camera (Tina? did you take these?):

Pictures taken with Liz's camera (my sister):