September 7, Calgary

What's this City doing in the middle of all this Farmland??

Calgary is huge. One reservoir is at the south/west corner of the city, the other within the city itself, and builders are allowed to expand eastward. They used to be able to go northward too, but it keeps getting more difficult to pump the water further uphill (apparently they're up to 45km of piping already!), so that is now restricted as well.

Theo's cats are just as cute as they were supposed to be...Galileo and Kepler. They aren't skittish at all, either, and happily deem me as an acceptable source of petting. We head out for lunch at a Vietnamese place, which is exactly when I realize that working in the States and eating in Canada has it's benefits; I got a lot of good food for about $3 US. *bounce*. Maybe $4. Theo shows me around, and we meet up with some friends of his later for coffee (Cafe Thursdays, MmmmMmmmGoood!!!), hang out and talk for a while. That afternoon a beautiful Chinook Arch appeared. This cloud formation signifies a warming trend, as the winds come over the Canadian Rockies, hit the ground, and bounce up again, pushing the clouds in front of them and squishing them together into a horizon-wide arch just west of the city. Considering that we're planning on going to the mountains tomorrow, that is a very good sign!

This is a slow day, but a well-deserved one...