September 6th, Zion National Park

Today we drove up Kolob Terrace Road, where we intended to hike the relatively short (2.2 mile) Northgate Peaks overlook trail. We took a bit of a wrong turn, however, and ended up going down the Subway trail. However, before we got to the bottom of the valley, thinking "this is definitely *not* an overlook", we turned around, found the error, and then went to the overlook. Total mileage -- about 6. Both trails were really cool, though, and I was really happy to discover that I can actually hike 6 miles! On our way back we stopped at the Bumbleberry in and had bumbleberry pie and lemonade as a reward. Multi-yummy!

The Lava Point overlook is at about 7500' (we guess), and the trailhead was just under 7000'. The top part of the plateau was a meadow, the path a very soft sand. As we descended towards Russel Gulch on our inadvertant detour onto the Left Fork trail, we passed over a couple slickrock fields separated by dirt (not sand) trails surrounded by manzanita and trees (we hadn't learned how to tell the types of trees apart yet, so I'm not sure if they were fir or pine. I don't think they were cedar or spruce).