Things I've Done (and mostly managed to photgraph), and Other Assorted Ramblings

So, I used to own a Green Z. More Specifically, a 1973 240Z, which I named the Green Burrito, a.k.a. RoboKermit. Now, I knew when I bought the car that eventually I'd have to rebuild the engine. No problem. However, when I got the car back (from the Z Surgeon in San Leandro, I will plug for this guy anytime he is *amazing*) I was told to keep it under 60mph for the first thousand miles or so. It has to wear in evenly you know. *sigh* How on earth am I supposed to stay under 60mph? I know. I'll take Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway, PCH, or That Most Amazing And Beautiful Path Down (Mostly) The Coast). So, on the way up to get my car I met Dave Young (shown here with the car) at the airport. He had a toy for his (niece? nephew?) whom he was visiting, and we started talking, and I told him I'd give him a ride back down if he hadn't gotten his ticket yet (he hadn't) and wouldn't mind returning on Wednesday (it was then saturday, and he didn't). So we drove down the coast together! It was a most awesome trip. More pictures will be scanned in, of course, later...

You'll notice I used the words above "Used To" own a Green Z. *sigh* Yes, it got totalled out from underneath me by a lady who thought that red lights were optional. At 45mph she pushed my left headlight through my radiator. So, what to do, what to do, about another car?? I could afford a $5-6,000 car, mostly, but I could afford a better car in about 3-5 years. And I was going to either get something else built in the 70s before fiberglass was used or that had airbags and specially re-inforced sections. Not yet rich, I got another Z. Yes, Another Z. This time a 1978 280Z, Much Heavier, Blue, with fuel injection (the green Z had the 1971 SU-48 carbs with a rebuilt 1976 280Z engine) so the power/weight wasn't as good, but it goes and it keeps going and although it's so much more heavier at least it's not a ZX. I call it Beast, after the X-Man, because (supposedly) the fuel injection makes it smarter, and it is rather brawny, and it *is* very, very, blue. Then, not long after that I'm looking through the L.A. Times while sunbathing in the front yard with my friend KJ who's visiting for the weekend and OH MY GOD LOOK LOOK LOOK And if you've never seen me bounce before, this was the PRIME example of Jen Bouncing. If you have seen me bounce before this surpassed them all. I found a 1972 (yellow) 240Z. 2 owners. Nice people. WOW. But I had no money at the time (Insurance hadn't come through) so Dwayne bought it. Well, at least it's in the family, and I do get to see it every day. First thing after bringing it home... Car Wash (and polish, etc...)!!!

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